The HVAC Contractor Solution
That’s Changing The Industry Is Here.

Our mission was major: Replace old school A/C maintenance contracts with a new age monitoring and service method that would change the HVAC industry.

After extensive research and development, HYTECH 24/7 had the game-changer: A smart stat-driven business model that can supercharge company revenues and customer relationships.

The HYTech 24/7 monitored comfort assurance program has been a huge success. Many commercial HVAC customers are saving money and enjoying peace of mind by eliminating costly preventative maintenance contracts and emergency truck rolls.

But here’s what makes it a real game-changer for you …

The Power of Data

With thousands of smart stats now installed across the country, all generating specific information, the ability to provide useful statistics on system performance, equipment life, operating costs, energy usage, and much more is amazing.

By signing on to our HYTech 24/7 licensee program, you can be at the forefront of a data-based A/C maintenance movement with massive growth potential. Some of the advantages of becoming a licensee include:

  • Overcoming labor shortages by tapping into a total business platform for success.
  • Accessing ongoing analytics, training and support to maximize performance.
  • Using branded marketing materials to promote your business.
  • Gaining a remote team of data experts who monitor the equipment you install from an analytics watch center we call HAWC.